This one is a Halloween themed paper craft. Glundung Pringis (Javanese) or "Rolls and Grinds" is a type of supernatural entity, it's not like an ancient myth which apart in distance past, this creature was last seen and was reported in 1965 in central Java according to a book about Java supernatural creatures, unfortunately I didn't remember exactly the title of the book and the name of the author, but I remember it's in English and the author is an American expatriate. I also heard about this creature beside other creatures from my parent stories when they were kids in Yogyakarta. This creature is mainly a head, or whole body looks like a head. According to the book, it's not as like as many people and articles said, this creature is not a human head. It's pretty bigger than normal human head with wider mouth line, but it's not human. Its favorite playground is on the ground where bamboo leaves lies as a soft carpet under bamboo trees. Its behavior rolling around and playing on the ground. There was some encounter with human being with this creature in the wild, it rolls, stops and grinding :D, funny huh?