I made this papertoy specially for papercraft workshop which will be held by Pelita Harapan University at their campus, November 29th. This simple papercraft only contains 2 pages for 2 characters, all are The Hudoq traditional Dayak Tribe dancers.

Hudoq dance is a part of Dayak Modang and Dayak Bahau tribe rituals (East Borneo), it regulary performs after planting rice padi on September to October. Dayak people believe all their dance movement was came straigth from heaven. Dance itself is for honoring their ancestor spirits which they believe always gather around them in planting season. They believed Their ancestor came from Asung Luhung or The Great Mother who decended from the sky in the upper course of Mahakam River, Apokayam. The Asung Luhung possesed god's power who can summon good and evil spirits. The good ones, Jeliang Tok Hudoq were sent by Asung Luhung to help human with their knowledge and share seeds for planting. Because of Hudoq frightening appearance they have been told to wear disguise as half man and half bird creature.