After almost a full workday comparing the tight scores of each contestant we finally have a winner who won a first place and have the rights to claim a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 and a Paper Replika T-shirt. For second and third place will also have the rights to claim Paper Replika T-shirts. Judging criteria have been setup so each contestants will have their own advantages in various field. Okay cut the intro, it's time to announce the winners. Congratulations to the winners of AR.Drone paper model 


  • 1st Winner : Yudhistira (Score : 96 of 100)
  • 2nd place : Rakhmad Adi Rodiyat (Score : 93 of 100)
  • 3rd place : Rauf (Score : 90 of 100)

For all winners please contact us and provide your full name, address, and mobile phone number for prizes delivery. The Drone will be send from Paris while Tshirts from Depok. This result cannot be changed.
Judging Criteria

Building Skill :
Part placement 10 points
Folding lines 5 points
Print quality 5 points
Cleanliness 5 points

Originality :
Imagination : 10 points
Image use on template : 5 points

Aesthetics :
Color harmony : 10 points
Theme : 5 points

Presentation :
Photography : 10 points
Layout  : 10
Drawing skill : 10
Drawing creativity : 10 points
Detail : 5 points

Once again congratulations to all winners, and for the other contestants we like to thank you for all your support and participation.  The competition was fierce, your scores are very right. By looking at all submitted models, they are all beautiful, I know you're all have

done the best, see you all in next contest. Open the next page to see all winners work and template links.