All started with my friend Hendi, he wanted to build a huge scale of my Piper J Cub plans, 2 meters in wingspan, and then I offered him to build my new RC model design, although I haven't got it ready yet but he agreed, so I made the Cessna L-19 Bird Dog in just one night. I let Hendi to build his huge scale RC plane, the result is stunning with white red color scheme, it's very beautiful. The main material is 5mm Depron foam or foamboard. To add the realism I 3D printed a pilot figure with my new Bambu Lab X-1 Carbon 3D printer, the result is awesome, a very fast printer and still with good quality print result. 

Specs :
1. Wingspan 2000mm / 79 inches
2. Flying weight : 2900 grams/ 102.3 oz
3. Wing loading :51.1 gram/dm2 - 16.7 oz/sq.ft.
4. Wing cube loading : 6.8 (Trainers = 6-7)
5. Wing Area : 56.80 dm2 / 880
6. CG : 25% wing chord

Electronics for test :
- 3548 1100kv
- 80A ESC  
- Battery Lipo 4S 2200mah 
- 2 x 7 gram servos (micro servo)

Materials :
1. 5mm  Foamboard/ Depron/ Polyfoam 
2. 10mm + 3mm Carbon Tube 1 meter and 50 cm
3. 0.3mm Mica Plastic
4. hot glue, UHU glue, CA glue
5. Packing tapes

Cessna L-19 Bird Dog RC Plane A4 Plans

Cessna L-19 Bird Dog RC Plane A0 Plans

Cessna L-19 Bird Dog RC Plane A3 Decal

Build Video on Youtube