There's a technical problem on the background about making F-18 Super Hornet video that made the video will not ready yet on time for this month. So I specifically made this micro RC Twin Otter as a filler also because my friend Ben keep asking the plans (lol). This model is very easy to make using styrofoam for the fuselage and 3mm depron or foam board for the wing and stabilizers. I use low density styrofoam for light weight flying model. Styrofoam is basically an EPS foam or Expanded Polystyrene, maybe the styro name comes from styrene. EPS foam also known as Thermo cool/ col foam. The wingspan on the model is 65 cm or about 25.5 inch, with the flying weight using 1 cell 300mAh lipo about 70 gram. I also incorporated 3D printed parts on this model for making, nose cone, landing gear strut fairing and wheels. For you that don't have a 3D printer you can use the plans to make DIY parts with foam. I use electronics from Air-815 a cheap toy plane, the price maybe about $7. It has 2 channels, flying control only using differential thrust, so there's no elevator, to move up and down you have to control the throttle. It's quite stable because there's a built in gyro. 

Specs :
1. Wingspan 650mm / 25.5 inches
2. Flying weight : 70 grams/ 2.47 oz
6. CG : 1/3 Chord/ MAC

Electronics from AIR-815 Toy Plane
- 2X Coreless motor
- Controller + RX board 
- 2 Channels TX

Materials :
1. 50mm  Low Density Styrofoam / Thermo cool foam
2. 3mm Depron/ polyfoam / foam board
3. Toothpick, Popsycle stick
4. hot glue, UHU glue, CA glue
5. Packing tapes

Micro RC Twin Otter Plans A4
Airfast Decal A3
3D Printed files 
Build video on youtube